Sunday, 8 June 2014

MEGA Box of Awesome Review

I have seen these promoted and they had caught my attention but I had not got around to ordering any just yet.  I am glad I was offered one to review, as the box was well liked by my boys.  The box seemed to continue a little bit of lots of different things they like at the moment, a decent full sized book to read, football cards, sweets (which always go down well!) and a couple of other surprises.

I have a feeling they may will start pestering me for more regular deliveries of these; given they are quite affordable to order I can hardly deny them can I!  Opening the box gave them a decent amount of entertainment (and myself a good dose of peace and quiet!), you cannot grumble at that.  A MEGA Box of Awesome costs £4.99 and I think the book alone I would have paid that much for, so excellent value overall.

These boxes are an ideal way to see what brands are big with children at the moment, if you’re a bit out of the loop regarding what is cool these days, you could definitely do with ordering a box for a refresh in all things awesome.  You could use them as stocking fillers come Christmas too.  With the chance of rare, exclusive collectibles it seems silly not to take a chance on ordering a box to see how your own children get on.

I must admit having seen them up close I do love the idea.  I even quite liked the additional promotional leaflets which surprised me, but it made me aware of the Scooby Doo live show that I know my boys would love that.  Things I might not have known if it was not for our handy MEGA Box of Awesome delivery!

You can find out more information on the Box of Awesome website and order your own.


  1. I think these would be ideal for my grandchildren when I have them during school holidays and various other emergencies. It would amuse them for a while anyway and well worth the money.

  2. Ohh I get the box of OMG which is aimed at girls every couple of months for my eldest....They are fab little treats x