Monday, 16 June 2014

My Living World Bug Safari Review

My boys have gone potty about bugs, when we have been on holiday I have spent a small fortune for them to go on organised bug hunts.  Well thankfully I can save that expense from now on and just use this affordable Bug Safari set from Interplay instead, seeing as its only £9.99 and jam-packed with useful information and handy equipment its ideal.

Eldest was really delighted when it arrived and I must admit it’s a fabulous activity to get children outdoors and learning about nature.  There is useful guidance about the types of creatures you can find and where to look for them, this is perfect to start you off, so you can look in the right places if you have a particular bug in mind you especially want to find.

I even had quite an education in bugs myself, like in Australia there is a giant species of worm that can grow to over 3 metres in length!  I am glad the ones we found were on a much smaller scale.  I do not think I would be quite so keen for us go “monster sized” bug hunting…

The back of the informative booklet has a list of further reading and organisations to follow, just what you need to encourage your enthusiastic naturalist.  The included tools help your child feel like a professional bug hunter and the advise nestled in the pages of the book encourage children to approach bug hunting sensibly (not to collect stinging or biting bugs), so hopefully this activity will be lots of fun with no tears!

The bug tongs really caught the interest of my eldest son; they look unusual but are practical when you hope to scoop up a rare find!  

To ensure the well being of the bugs you look for, they have included a paint brush as human hands are not gentle enough for delicate bugs, whereas a paint brush is extra soft for them.

The magnifying pot taught me something else; bugs will keep on walking until they find a corner to rest.  So the pots are shaped to allow for a corner for bugs to stop for better viewing!  I am glad of this too otherwise the poor things would be exhausted from the constant walking.

Please be gentle with the bugs you find and return them where you found them after a few moments observation.  I have a feeling we will be spending a big chunk of the warmer weather out in the garden seeing what we can find.

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