Monday, 9 June 2014

Old El Paso Delivery

I love mild Mexican food, we regularly eat fajitas and the boys have converted to liking them too finally!  So I was thrilled to receive a big Old El Paso delivery to review, the products in the box were new to us as a family but they have been going down very well.

I was particularly impressed with the one pan rice meals and the nacho kit.  The extra mild kits suitable for families are a clever addition to the range.  My boys love sampling new flavours as long as they are not too overpowering or spicy.  To be honest I myself prefer to keep to the milder variants and I actually donated the spicy casserole recipe mixes to my more adventurous brother.

The nacho kit hubbie and I had for our dinner after my son’s birthday party!  We were hungry but exhausted (parties seem to do that to adults!) and thankfully this meal was quick enough to prepare, ready in a short space of time and had minimal cleanup!  My kind of cooking!  We were so famished we ate it direct from the baking tray, so apologies this picture is not presented better.

The one pan rice meal was met enthusiastically by my eldest, he can at times be quite fussy but he wolfed down his portion, even adding some extra on his plate.  It is lovely finding something he seemed to really enjoy, so I think it's a testament to the family friendly tastes they advertise.

It was quick and simple to prepare too, one pan cooking is fabulous, less dishes, more time to unwind and relax in the evening.  What parents aren't exhausted come bedtime, we all need a little Old El Paso help to make our life easier... (I'll drink a glass of wine to that!).

I will be keeping an eye on the Old El Paso website for more new meals, they are just so convenient and tasty I do not want to miss out on the latest offerings.

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  1. I love Old El Paso and Mexican food in general, although I have to stay on the milder side these days with Monkey. Love the idea of the one pan dish - will have to see if my supermarket sells that one.