Monday, 23 June 2014

Rubik’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations

We were thrilled to be part of the 40th anniversary of the (not so) humble Rubik’s cube and my boys were especially pleased to have an epic delivery of Rubik’s products to try.

It’s estimated a staggering 350 million Rubik’s cubes have sold worldwide since it was invented in 1974.  Those kinds of sales figures are no surprise really; it’s a timeless classic toy that keeps on appealing to each new generation.  It’s a great mental workout as you try and align the colours in the correct order. 

I think lots of us have grown up with one in our house and it’s a fond memory of our childhoods.  I was never particularly skilled at completing the cube but was always up for an attempt or two each time.  It’s a toy my eldest son seems even more enthusiastic about; he enjoys the challenge and is more determined than I ever was to try and complete it.  He does get frustrated at times but he keeps trying his best. 

Rubik’s cubes have caused such a stir they even have their own ‘Speedcubing’ competitions with people competing to be the quickest at solving the cube.  Mats Valk holds the world record with a mind boggling impressive 5.55 seconds.  It takes me longer than that to get it in a good position in my hand to get started…

I like how the Rubik’s iconic cube is continually developing and coming up with innovative new versions.  The Rubik’s Twist (RRP £12.99) was much loved by my youngest, he came up with lots of different shapes, you would have seen some but by the time I had my camera out he was in the middle of the mother of all tantrums and was promptly sent off to bed!  Suffice to say I like the new dimension the twisting brings to the puzzle; you seem to have more options to transform the cube creatively.

My favourite was the Rubik’s Race (SSP £17.99) this was a challenge I would gladly play again and again.  You roll the dice and get a Rubik’s pattern to follow; you and your competitor then quickly race to see who can recreate the pattern first.  I played it so many times I am hoping it might help develop my ability with the Rubik’s cube.  This game keeps the best bits of the Rubik’s cube combined with those little shifting games you had as a child.  It is very addictive.  Although do keep an eye on your children, I caught eldest lifting a tile to try and place it in to the position he wanted on the template…  I enjoyed the mental workout of thinking how best to shuffle my tiles around the board to win.

The key ring Rubik's cube was a great size, handy for a spot of entertainment if your child is getting bored on a long journey or if you need to distract them in a hurry!  It's amazing how long they will spend trying to solve the puzzle.

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