Saturday, 21 June 2014

Share Your Fondest Holiday Memories

I love sticking to the UK when we holiday; we have had some many amazing days out and trips away throughout England and Wales.  We have only taken the boys abroad once, it was enjoyable but the cost of the flights was so prohibitive.  I would rather sink my money back into the British economy and spend it on ice creams, donuts, fish and chips and sticks of rock rather than travel costs to fly to some far off destination.  The weather might be more temperamental but it’s sometimes worth taking your chances to see what sights you can discover closer to home.

My favourite type of holiday is a trip to the seaside, I grew up beachside in Wales, crabbing, building sandcastles (and decorating them with little flags and shells) and combing the beach for treasure (we had a metal detector at one point, we never got rich but had fun looking!).  We would spend huge chunks of the day and late into the evening paddling and then make sand boats to see if they could withstand the tide coming in.  There would be lots of us all joining in, manically building up the sides with our spades.  My boys have enjoyed doing this on the times we have managed to visit a beach.

You did not even need to spend much, as long as you were covered in sun cream and had a bit of a picnic you could be there for hours quite happily.  If the weather turned there was always an arcade to shelter in, it’s amazing how long a pot of coppers can last on the 2p machines or back when I could tolerate being spun around I used to love the waltzers.  But a trip to the beach can be just as exciting in your wellies and winter coat if its cold!

My dad would buy chips for us and we would greedily eat them up before the seagulls pinched them off us.  They always hovered hungrily above us, but we would wolf them down without sharing.  It's lovely seeing my boys share the same interest and love for the beach I always have, turning over stones and finding sea creatures and being intrigued and wanting to learn more about what they have found.

We all have a place that sticks in our hearts, a destination that holds our fondest memories; ukbreakaways currently have a competition running where you can share your favourite UK destinations.  You have until the 31st of August to write your travel post.  Mine would probably sway to those precious childhood memories of the beach.

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