Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The builders are here

You could probably hear my whoop of excitement from miles away.  I did not think it would actually happen especially when I saw the sunshine but they have turned up and serious building jobs are taking place.  Beams are being whisked by crane into the house, chaos is reigning supreme with all the dust and disorder, but in a good way as it means progress is finally being made!  It’s a full house so I am on tea and biscuit duty for everyone.  I also might do a token spot of sweeping to look busy!!!

Most of the house had been off limits because it needed work on it, the novelty for the boys of sharing a room with their parents is starting to wear thin.  They want their space to surround themselves in their books, games and toys.  Instead of everything staying boxed up because there is no room on the floor to play.

We bought a bigger house so we could have more bathrooms but we are still only using one because we gutted the others.  We are making a bigger bathroom, in our haste we knocked down a wall that we then realised was quite vital!  It had the water tank above it, so was pretty essential in the scheme of things.  So instead we are having a beam take the weight off and then have the room plastered up and viola I can go bathroom shopping at last!  I am looking forward to having a toilet upstairs again, as first thing in the morning it’s a mad sprint to make it to the bathroom downstairs in time for my youngest!  He would benefit from one slightly closer to hand.

I have been looking at lots of different websites including utopia to create my vision, think stylish bathroom furniture to hide all the unsightly pipes associated with bathrooms!  I want a little bit more luxury after surviving a few weeks without hot water, although having said that I must not grumble my poor blogger friend Attachment Mummy has been without hot water forever as the boiler is broke.  I feel her pain; I struggled enough for a month.

Seeing as our house is one big renovation project I am scouring the Internet for tips!  I think after reading this article I should have a bigger contingency for the project, it is an old house so you never know quite what you will find when you strip the walls or do further work!  Lets just hope the beams go in nicely and our dream bathroom won’t be too far off.

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