Monday, 2 June 2014

The Summer Holidays Are On The Horizon!

A friend said the other day it was only seven weeks until the summer holidays, I must admit I did start to panic a little!  The idea of keeping the boys occupied for such a long stretch seems a bit daunting to say the least and I cannot quite believe how quickly the school year is flying by…

I only just about survived half term (if I am honest with you guys!), although having to move during it did not help matters either.  I am hoping we will be settled in the new house by then (the boys and I are temporary residents at my parents at the moment!).  My mum did ask me if the boys are usually this feral, so not sure how long our welcome will last!

Cotton Traders wrote an interesting blog post about some of the concerns parents have about the added expense of such a long break from school.  So it does sound like we are all in the same boat.  Keeping the children out of mischief seems an expensive business.  We end up doing lots of extra activities, visiting attractions or just pigging out on far too much ice cream, donuts and sweets all of which burns a big hole in my pocket. 

My poor wallet had enough panic over the half term and became quite depleted, by the end of the week we were down to the last few coppers in there!  I will probably have to re-mortgage our house to have an adequate entertainment budget for the summer holidays!!!  This past week alone we have splashed out on swimming, a climbing wall session and a soft play trip. Yet eldest still says he is bored and sulks dramatically, as you can see one such moment!

On top of that if you work out of the home you have to think about childcare costs or persuade grandparents or other family members to help with the children till they can go back to school.  My parents adore the boys but if I worked fulltime they would be pulling out there hair by the end of the holiday!  The boys have so much energy its hard keeping up with them, especially if you’re on your way to 70!  

Although after having read this article that in Sweden and France the school holidays can last 11 weeks, I think I should stop grumbling and count my good luck that I live in the UK after all!

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