Saturday, 7 June 2014

VPW2 PowerWash 2000W Review

I feel we are cleaning with purpose now we have a brand spanking new VAX pressure washer that has come to live with us.  It could not have arrived with better timing, as our new house is more of a work in progress.  The tarmac drive had lost some of its former glory and was instead modelling patches of plaster dust and general building mess/chaos!

The item we were sent was from the Vax pressure washer range and was completely up for the challenge!  The VPW2 PowerWash 2000W machine was simple to set up and easy enough to use.  So effortless that hubbie even let the boys have a little try (although do keep a close eyes on children as the water pressure is very powerful!).

Hubbie swiftly moved onto cleaning the car, lately it has been looking as dusty as the tarmac and in need of a jolly good clean.  Our neighbours all have perfect gardens and lovely polished cars; we could not keep letting the side down!  The attachments that come with the car cleaning kit made it a straightforward task to get the car looking cleaner quicker.  Some of the chores around your property like car cleaning and driveway maintenance can seem a little tiresome and laborious, but with the right Vax tools at hand suddenly the jobs do not seem so demanding or time consuming.

Hubbie certainly had a spring in his step getting on with things this time round.  The car cleaning kit is well worth buying for the extra brushes and extension tube especially as its quite reasonable at £29.99.  We made good progress cleaning the tarmac but you can also buy an outdoor cleaning set with a large circular brush to really get rid of any grime! 

We are all looking forward to rolling out our pressure washer again soon to tackle some more dirt!  Once the builders have finished you will have guessed they were even ever there!  The whole place smells of citrus too from the Vax cleaning detergent.  I think at this rate the neighbours might just have to keep up with us…


  1. We've really enjoyed reading your review of our PowerWash 2000W Pressure Washer! We're delighted you found it made outdoor cleaning quicker and easier!

    A powerful Pressure Washer is handy, but we really focused on equipping the range with the correct tools to make the most out of the cleaning power on common surfaces and objects, so we're also delighted you found the Car Kit so helpful!

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