Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Yellow Moon Another Delivery

My boys were pleased to see another Yellow Moon box arrive.  They always know there will be an exciting and crafty project for them to get stuck into.  They have been using the contents over a few arty sessions.  We had plenty to keep them occupied, especially on rainy days. 

I did wonder what they would do with a bumper pack of 200 craft shells, but they have enjoyed sticking them to pretty much everything!  

We also played a game of find the shells, I dotted a few around the place and they had to see who could find the most out of the pair of them.  It’s amazing how much fun you can have with just a pack of shells.  Youngest even donated a few handfuls to his taid (granddad) to deter the snails from his flowers!  So for £2.99 you cannot grumble in the slightest, especially if you live too far away from a beach to pick them yourself.

The Fruit and Vegetable card shapes (£2.45) had random people drawn on them, although we did have one very cheery red tomato from their efforts too.  So I guess it depends what your child fancies using them for.  

The great thing about Yellow Moon is with such choice you can always find products to spark their imagination and embrace their creative side in a way that suits them.

I had a cute picture below of youngest with one of his Butterfly Jewel Magnet Kit (£3.95) creations, he made it for us to stick on the fridge!  Lovely having little magnetic crafts to decorate our house with, especially when they are this pretty.

The Bug Pom Pom Decorations (£3.99) fondly reminded me of craft activities in Brownies from my youth, but my boys just seemed to get themselves in a wool tangle!  I think this is one for when they are a bit older.

A favourite from the delivery was the Sealife Stained Glass Effect Decorations (£3.95), these were fun to make and beautiful to look at when finished.  Even with a decidedly patchy application of glue the boys managed to make something to be very proud of.

I am not yet sure of our plans for the mini plastic buckets (£3.95) but I think it might involve planting some seeds, which they will enjoy.  The little buckets look a lot more dashing than your average boring brown plastic plant pot too!

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