Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Healthy Attitude To Saving

It sounds like the younger generations have a sensible approach to saving these days.  I am 35 so well out of the 18-24 year old category mentioned on the Scottish Friendly website but I still remember being that age.  I went to university and I think I was doing more of the raving and less of the saving mentioned in their post!  Planning for the future for me back then involved checking out the best watering hole to meet up with friends or finding out the latest event happening in the local nightclub, it never occurred to me to actually put some money away.  I was living on super noodles and any spare cash went straight behind the bar…

Now I am older (and hopefully a little wiser) I wish I had saved more.  Despite money being incredibly tight all those years back I could have spent less on socialising and squirreled some away I am sure.  The results are reassuring though, hopefully with so many young adults saving money my boys will eventually follow suit when its there time to head out into the big wide world.

Jobs are harder to come by and sadly it can be a real challenge getting on the property ladder so any nest egg will always help you when you need it most.  The boys do have piggy banks now so I am hoping that gives them an insight into the benefits of not spending every penny they have, they can save for things they really need rather than splurge on sweets!

If I had treated those days at university differently and earmarked some of my money for savings I would not be in such a pickle now facing all this expensive building work.  I would have been more financially sound instead of juggling bank accounts, counting down the days till payday and of course relying on the bank of mum and dad.  Where would we be without the help of our parents, I am firmly with the 44% of 18-24 year olds in that respect, they have made buying our new house a reality.

The disposable income index Scottish Friendly commissioned showed on average they had managed to save £3,200, I think this is very impressive and right now would make a huge difference to us in our new house.  Hubbie never went to university but he managed to spend any extra money he had on technology and gadgets, he was a gamer at heart so he overdid it with anything to do with computers.  I am relieved to say that these days our attitude to money is much more healthy, I rarely spend on myself and socialising of an evening is a thing of the past with young children.  Once we get over this little hiccup of renovating a bigger house I will start saving in earnest.

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