Saturday, 19 July 2014

Chad Valley #100daysofplay

School is now out and it’s time to look for inspiration for fun and exciting things to entertain the children over what is quite a long holiday period.  To help me in my quest for happy occupied boys, Chad Valley kindly sent me a bundle of products to encourage playtime.  Argos also have some free stories and play ideas on their website to coincide with the hashtag.

You can follow the hashtag #100daysofplay for lots of useful ideas you can try out, the hashtag will be running until the 19th of September so you have plenty of time to get ideas or contribute your own.  We will be keeping an eye on the hashtag ourselves; especially with so many days to fill we will need lots of plans whatever the weather to enrich our time together as a family.  Following the hashtag might give us a chance to find lovely activities that will be affordable too.  As much as I love family trips away we can only do it every now and then, so I need cheap or free play ideas for the main bulk of the holidays.

If my two do not keep busy enough it’s just a recipe for arguing, so from the included package I have made sure they have been more active.  We added the coloured play balls to the trampoline and the boys have been very lively, trying to bounce them out of the trampoline.  

I am not sure how keen the neighbours will be when the balls whiz over to their gardens mind!  Then youngest has burnt off lots of energy on the space hopper; I loved this type of toy as a child.  I admit I did have a sneaky go of his one, but my knees aren’t what they used to be!!!

I hope to see lots of you involved in #100daysofplay and find it useful.  Already thousands of parents and grandparents have got involved.  So be creative, spark their imagination and most importantly have fun together this summer.

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