Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Expanding my options from home

I have been thinking I would love to see what other options I have for working from home.  My sister in law used to run an online shop selling children’s toys and one of my closest friends from university runs a very successful baby clothes website called DaisychainBaby.  There is a lot to sort out mind, ordering of stock, upkeep of the website/social media and packaging/delivery of orders.  My friend is a busy bee keeping it going whilst holding down a day job and daydreaming about puppies.

Understandably customers always want whatever they have ordered to arrive promptly so having a reliable delivery service is pretty essential, for example I ordered bubbles for our moving in party and typically the day after it was hosted all 48 packets arrive!  Will I be leaving positive feedback after that, sadly not!

So if I do go down the route of establishing some kind of business from home, I will research my delivery options to make sure they are adequate for my customers needs.  I had a nose on the TNT website and its good you can track packages to make sure they arrived safely and timely.  I get a lot of packages through blogging and have seen lots of different named delivery providers, some of the delivery guys are almost like friends I see them that much.

Failing my home business I am still quite keen to publish a book one day, a bit of romantic chic lit, I certainly read enough of the stuff.  If I ever get round to writing the book I might have to self publish, if that’s the case I will want to get the book out there.  So again I will need a dependable delivery partner but I could use my blog to get the word out there at least.  I have a title and page 1 completed but then I get busy, lost in a blog post, tidying up or running around after the kids, so my hopes for publishing fame are probably unrealistic.  Given I have been on page 1 for the last year…

If I put my mind to it I am sure I can think of something, then I can keep paying the builders for the ongoing renovating work.

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