Wednesday, 16 July 2014

JumpKing 10ft Trampoline Review

When we moved house sadly we could not take the boys old trampoline with us, it would not survive being dismantled and reassembled as it had gotten rather rusty over many years use.  The boys missed it so much, when an opportunity arose to review one we literally jumped on it!

Hubbie assembled the new trampoline on his own whilst I was putting the children to bed, he found it quite easy to do, it does say a two person job but he is quite determined when he puts his mind to things.  The threading of the safety net takes a while but it’s worth spending the time to make sure its all safe ready for your children.  I would not have a trampoline without a safety net as you hear all to frequently about the accidents that occur when they are not enclosed properly.

The JumpKing trampoline is part of the trampolines for kids from Asda range and came in excellent timing for our new house party, so lots of the children were happily entertained on there in between breaks to top up on cake and ice lollies or have a little dance at the disco.  I feel much happier we have a trampoline again; they are the perfect summer outdoor toy for children.  After a bouncing session they always seem to sleep well which suits me perfectly, they love practicing all their moves, star jumps, tuck and pike.

The trampoline is a good size; the boys put their arms stretched out wide so you could see just how big in the picture.  They did have a 12ft one before but to be honest the 10ft meets their needs adequately and frees up a bit more garden space.

I think for £99 its great value.  We will be placing the trampoline in a lawned area, to make sure its secure in the ground.  I am just waiting on hubbie to do a little gardening first!

With heaps of outdoor toys to choose from the summer holidays do not seem quite as daunting, I might invest in a few of the 2 for £10 deals to amuse them.  You could work on your child’s circus skills with the juggle set; mastering their balance should pass the time quite nicely and I think my boys would quite like the dart game I shall just have to hope it comes back in stock!  Obviously people are having the same idea as me and thinking it time to get the summer entertainment sorted.


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