Monday, 21 July 2014

Now create your own Dulux #asifbymagic

Since putting our Dulux mural up we have had lots of lovely comments, we had a house warming party the day afterwards so heaps of parents had the tour of the house and saw it looking gorgeous on the wall.  Many said it was very well done and a few naturally are tempted to order one for their children.  I cannot blame them, youngest will definitely have one when his room is ready and I may even get hubbie to add the avengers one for their playroom!  It was that straightforward to put up I do not think he will mind doing a few more, now he has mastered the art of papering, the pieces are all pre-cut and a good size to handle to put on the wall.

Friendships are even being forged over the mural!  My son went into school and played sea creatures with a boy he has not played with before having been inspired by his Sea Adventure kit.  It’s fabulous to think that the mural means that much to my eldest that he goes into school making up his own adventures.

The range includes the Sea Adventure kit we reviewed, a Jungle Adventure (I think youngest will want this one for the lions), Peppa Pig, Fairy Princess and another firm favourite of mine Avengers.  I have a feeling this range will keep expanding because its such a clever idea and so easy to transform a bedroom.

Now you probably want to rush off and get a Bedroom in a Box for your own children and there really has not been a better time.  When you place your order you will be entered into a competition to win an annual Merlin pass, as an avid visitor of the theme parks I cannot think of a lovelier prize!

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