Monday, 21 July 2014

Our Summer Plans

My hubbie has a couple of weeks booked off over the summer and I would love to take the boys away, given the financial commitment of our new house; whatever we do it will have to be on a budget.

I am quite happy to spend most of the summer entertaining the boys at home, digging out their craft materials, having friends over and getting them outside on their bikes and scooters, we have had a wonderful day doing just that today.  Although our chalks looked more like a crime scene than a wholesome family activity!!!

But still, just being restricted to home can probably wear a little thin week in and week out, so I will want a couple of ideas to explore further afield.  Fortunately, you can make getting away more affordable with an exclusive 11% cashback when booking a Superbreak through Wowcherching for big savings on summer days out for kids. Suddenly that trip to the zoo or theme park seems more feasible.

We have reviewed a few of the attractions available to book through the website, so if your wondering where to head off this summer, you can read some of my family attraction reviews.  Legoland is always a firm favourite and holds many a fond memory for the boys and us, LEGO is a big part of growing up so a visit to Legoland is a must with all the themed attractions and rides.

I quite fancy the sound of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Hotel and ticket packages though, I am always wondering where to take the boys next and Blackpool is one place we haven’t visited as a family yet!  Nickelodeon Land has somehow passed us by so far, so we do need to remedy that, especially as we are keen to work our way around the theme park attractions in UK!  They also have a great deal on Disneyland Paris, another one on our expanding wish list…

Although we are not planning on going abroad currently, some of you lucky folk might be and if you are then you can also compare the deals from Expedia through Wowcherching to guarantee summer sun with an enticing 10% cashback!  As much as I love our lush green countryside you cannot rely on sunshine, unfortunately.  Next year we will hopefully make use of our passports again and then I will be looking around for more offers like this!  The thought of lounging by a pool with cocktail in hand is too tempting to brush off for long, regardless of budget constraints; plus I think hubbie quite fancies a break from the theme park rides - he does not have the stomach for roller coasters!!!


  1. Have a great summer - sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.