Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Plans for high dining

I have high hopes for a big family Christmas dinner at our new house, we have a dining room but it’s in need of some definite love and attention before it even becomes a possibility.  I currently have a 60's brickwork fireplace, a possible damp problem (although since we started airing out the new house this seems to be improving!) and a rustic paint job; we have started stripping the walls.

The ceiling is a suspended one to cheaply hide all the electrics, so that will be getting ripped out shortly, the ceiling above it looks pretty good, so I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that it will not be too expensive getting it back to its rightful condition.

It seems a long way off having my perfect homely room but if we gradually work on it we should see those improvements.

It's really tough when your working on such a big house, so much needs doing and it seems at times overwhelming but then I look at the bigger picture, what we have, how much more space and opportunities it will give us.  Friends can finally stay over comfortably (well once the guest room is tackled of course!) and we can enjoy meals with everyone having a seat, I can fit a huge dining table into the room. 

It will be such an improvement for hubbie and I as we have had a fair number of meals without getting a chance to sit down.  If the boys had a friend each over we never had a seat at our dining table.  I have been browsing the Internet to find an affordable dining table, I love the range from Tesco, I shop a lot from the website already as its good value.  I need at least six seats, but I would ideally prefer eight, because you never know my brother might actually decide to grace us with his presence for Christmas.  I have been looking at different themes too, whether we go traditional or modern, I quite fancy a country theme, and we do have sheep as our new neighbours.

Although its not just getting the room itself ready and furnishing it, we might also want to refine our cooking skills, my mum currently is in charge of our Christmas dinner and does a fabulous job!  I know she would be grateful of a rest one Christmas and us taking the helm, but if we burn it then her gratitude will wane considerably!!!  

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