Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match

With the World Cup having fired up everyone’s interest in football the boys were keen to review this new football set from Playmobil.  The two other sets pictured we will be reviewing in a separate post.

I must admit even I was quite taken by it, its quite enjoyable trying to score a goal with one of the Playmobil footballers.  The set comes complete with two goalkeepers and four players, it seems a quality toy and the movement from the goalies is quite impressive, as they really do dive to save the ball.

The set can be folded away for easy transport, but I have a feeling our set will always be out and in use but its handy to know you can pack it away tidily if needed.  It’s the perfect action toy for my boys and I have a feeling this is one toy that will be on lots of Christmas lists this year.  It was a novelty seeing the boys play nicely together with it and its something they can manage quite easily on there own.  Fortunately it was very simple to set up too, so simple I did it in less than 5 minutes including adding the stickers to decorate it.

The Take Along Soccer Match costs £49.99 and I think it offers lots of playability for that.  You can also add extra football players to the teams so you feel your pitch is better utilised, ours looked a little empty with just the included players, but at £3.99 each the extra characters (from teams around the world) would make lovely stocking fillers.  You can even get a set of referees (£6.99) to make sure the players are behaving themselves! 

I am thinking of surprising the boys with the Soccer Shoot Out so they can practise the accuracy of their kicks!  All in all this new Sports & Action theme from Playmobil gets the thumbs up from us.  

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  1. I really like the look of this. I think my boys would love it x