Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Playmobil Wildlife Review

Our latest toy delivery from Playmobil also included two of the new Wildlife range.  My boys felt like they were going on Safari with these.  They are ideal to help teach children about conservation and endangered animals.  Perfect for imaginative play, complete with lots of pieces to get engrossed in a proper safari adventure, like a tiny camera to pretend to be doing some wildlife photography and other useful equipment like binoculars, lamp and radio transmitter.

Each set can be played with individually or even better buying a few together leaves more possibilities with extra animals and vehicles for a few children to play together. 

For children interested in animals they will be keen to try these out.  We had the Jungle Animals with Researcher and Off-road Vehicle (£29.99), so you had some cute baby animals too.  Youngest made up his own game the off-road vehicle sped off with the baby animals in the boot and the grown up animals had to stage a rescue.  The big mummy monkey in particular was very heroic and rescued her two monkey babies quite dramatically seeing as it had become a high-speed chase; she rode the tiger mummy into battle to save the day!  The scorpions did not get much of a look in they were hidden away in the movable rock hiding place.

Eldest was getting into character roaring like a wild animal after playing with them!

The other set was the Pandas in Bamboo one (£16.99), which added adorable panda’s to the story and a cave for them to settle down in the evening.  With both sets there is lots of vegetation and flowers to make the habitat look realistic.  Come Christmas I will hopefully get a few more Wildlife themed toys to build on the fun they have had already.  Perhaps an alligator family with snappy mouths as I know youngest will enjoy chasing everyone around with them!

Construction time is minimal, a couple of minutes and you have slotted in all the required pieces each time.  There are a few stickers to complete the look too, but my boys were so eager to play with the toys I do not think they got as far as adding them.  I think we can safely say that Playmobil have impressed my boys yet again.

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