Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Moving In Party

Yesterday the boys invited all their friends over for their official moving in party!  I was a little nervous how it would go as we had 28 children invited, but fortunately the weather held and the children and parents all seemed happy.  I think the fact that I had a high tea theme with ample cake to go round really helped matters.  The range from Sainsbury’s was quite delightful, pretty cupcakes with indulgent toppings, finger slices of everyone’s favourite cakes and generous portions of Victoria Sponge and Chocolate Cake for good measure.

My youngest liked helping display the cakes, I think mainly so he could see if a spare cake might end up his way (which it did!).

Our cake stands were crammed with cakes (with more in reserve for top-ups) but everyone made light work of them, one parent said she was on her third portion of Sainsbury's Victoria Sponge as it was that nice.  They are reasonably priced, which makes them a sensible purchase especially if you have not got time (or energy!) for lots of home baking.

Luckily the children danced off lots of the sugar at the disco and then saved space for the Jubbly ice lollies I had stashed in the freezer. I had been sent a bumper pack to feature on here and the boys have been (im)patiently counting down to the party so they could get started on their ice lollies in earnest.

The weather had warmed up at that point so everyone was keen to have an ice lolly to cool off.  They were very refreshing and I think some children may have been on their third… but they were keen to get through all three flavours I was sent before they left.  I had hoped to get lots of pictures of the children with their Jubbly’s in hand but the party went by in a whirl of activity, making sure everyone had everything they needed and fitting in tours of the new house.  But I did manage to get one lovely picture, but suffice to say everyone was enjoying their Jubbly's in the sunshine.

If you would like to get your hand on some Jubbly's ice lollies and other fun treats then head to their facebook page.  I like how they have so many different flavours and its great there is real fruit juice in them.  You feel more reassured as a parent if an ice lolly has no preservatives and only natural colours and flavours.  The packs are so affordable too, you can get good deals on them at your local supermarket.  I for one will be keeping a few packs in my cupboard ready for freezing for the next spell of good weather!  

On departing I was informed by everyone it was the best party ever.  The stream of contented children left with wide smiles and wonderful memories.  I think a big part of that was down to the support of Sainsbury's and Jubbly ice lollies so thank you.

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