Monday, 7 July 2014

Thorntons Helping Celebrate My New Home

I jumped at the chance to review chocolate; I mean who wouldn’t, especially when it was such a big box of Continental Thorntons to get stuck into and another equally appealing looking box of truffles.  I was keen to see how the personalised aspect of their range worked.

Having just moved house naturally I went for new home wording, but these would be fabulous boxes to thank teachers at this time of year (only two weeks till the end of term eeek, how did that come round so quick!).  The Alphabet Truffles were my favourite, so very moreish and good value at £15 for 22 truffles.

I am a fan of chocolate but I tend to have a few and because Thorntons are so rich I am happy to finish after a couple I truly savour.  But I could have happily eaten the whole box of truffles in one sitting; it took all my willpower to offer the box around the room after our meal.  I decided to be nice and share them with my children, hubbie, my mum and brother (even if it was a little reluctantly!).  

By the time my poor dad had done the dishes we had wolfed down the lion’s share of the chocolate it really was that good.  On reflection perhaps I should have reviewed them on my own in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping ha!

The personalisation was easy to read as the icing message is done very well.  I missed a trick with the truffles though I had not noticed you can also add hearts, smiley faces or stars, so when I come to order next time I will be making the most of those icons too to finish off my message nicely.

The epic box of Continental chocolates came with free gift-wrap that made it look like an expensive gift.  The box was filled to the brim with a wonderful assortment of delicious chocolates.  My order came quickly and I was very pleased with my experience of the personalised gifts from Thorntons.  I am not a huge fan of edible models of chocolate, so sticking to smaller bite sized chocolates and still getting the personalised element for me is a welcome bonus!

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