Sunday, 27 July 2014

Turtles Z-Line Ninja’s Review

We were sent the Water Tower Washout set (RRP £24.99) to review, it requires time to set up on a wall, but there are clear instructions.  

I am not sure I expected it to stretch across such a big area but then it does mean children have plenty of space to play with it.  I am of mixed opinion on this toy, I can see children absolutely love it but I am not sure I am happy committing so much of a room over to be a Z-Line Ninja dedicated area!  Having said that seeing the boys delight when the characters whiz down the zip wire at speed and triggering the wash tower to open and cause the bad guys to full dramatically to the ground did do more to convince me. 

Given we have a long holiday period to fill, I think I might just let them go a little Z-Line crazy for now.  Even if the adults are not quite as enthusiastic as the children, it does have some definite pluses it seems quite securely attached to the wall, I have not had to worry it will all fall down on them.  The boys keep returning to the corner of the room the water tower resides for more play, so for them it does have good entertainment value.  I am happy I had this opportunity to review, I am sure children will work on their parents to add this set to their collections.  This pack comes without figures, but fortunately it is compatible with most Turtles characters, so you will not have to spend more if you have a selection already.  The playset comes with all the equipment to use a zip-line safely.

The Water Tower Washout is one of four Z-Line playsets you can collect.  If you had all of them you would need a bigger room, but it would be quite thrilling and a few children could all play together being different figures for an epic fast paced adventure.  My eldest loved it, he thought it was awesome, so I think I will be in trouble if I try and take the playset down any time soon.  I may as well get used to it as a feature as I think its set to stay!

You can find more of the Teenage Mutant Turtles range of toys on the Flair website.

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