Friday, 29 August 2014

Belfast To Host The Arts Festival

I am always looking for new experiences for my boys, days out always keeps them busy and if they are busy they fight less… My two are like a bomb and a fuse bring them together and your asking for trouble, even though individually both are a joy.  We have been to zoos, castles, farms and theme parks but never to a festival celebrating theatre, dance and music.  I am always open for us trying something different and this Ulster Bank Festival in Belfast sounds worthy of a trip.

Although some of you could possibly be thinking it might be a little dry, what would a seven and five year old benefit from such a trip!  I am thinking it might develop them as more rounded individuals and they may well develop an interest in visual arts, comedy or poetry. 

It’s a massive festival spanning over 17 days (starting on the 16th of October and lasting until the 1st of November) so they have squeezed in some elements especially for children.  The Hannavas African Savannah show looks fabulous, huge mechanical creatures to get close too and be entranced by!  My boys love nature so this would capture their interest, alongside seeing the “animals” you can also enjoy various craft activities and a real animal encounter.  This is scheduled for the 25th of October and is completely free!

As I live so far from Belfast I would naturally cram in some other activities if I managed to get there.  I have never been to Ireland and would like to change that.  So I would book us a central hotel with Hotel Direct, it would be simple enough to find a suitable hotel through them as I can search by distance from the centre or on room price depending on how flush or poor I am feeling at the time!!!

Visit Belfast has whetted my appetite for planning a holiday here.  Belfast is rich in culture and for me one of the biggest highlights is the fact its home to Titanic Studio’s where Game of Thrones was filmed; hubbie and I are BIG fans!  You can go on a tour of the filming locations or if you’re feeling ambitious head to Clearsky for the Game of Thrones Winterfell Archery Range Experience.

Belfast also has a very popular visitor attraction based around the Titanic, the building it is all housed in is quite spectacular and it’s a very interactive tour of the history of the Titanic.  This might be worth a visit as it would be quite educational for the boys after the excitement of the archery!

Mind you I think the boys would have only one attraction in mind and that is Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory, my two are crazy about sweets!  They would love a tour that lets them sample treats on the way round and enjoy the smells of candy making!  I would have to save this for our last day, as I am sure they would never want to leave to go anywhere else.

After all the sugar, adventure and culture I think we will be pretty exhausted and ready to head home, but just imagine the memories we would take away.  What an ideal place to visit for the whole family, if we do not make it this year, I will be planning it for the near future I am sure.

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