Monday, 25 August 2014

BHS Back to School Review

I have not been very organised this summer getting the boys school uniform ready, so I was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to review school coats for BHS.  The weather is already cooling sadly and I want them wrapped up warm when they return in September, hopefully it will help fend off the winter colds if they are nice and cosy!  It can get quite bitter here and the last thing I want is my little lovelies out on the playing fields shivering.

The Navy Parka Coat is very smart, my youngest looked quite dapper wearing it.  Its important the boys like the coats I pick, otherwise they will be left on their pegs and not taken out at break time!

No worries here as I found it hard getting my youngest to relinquish his new coat back to his wardrobe ready for school.  He was very snug and he thought the hood was fabulous.  

He really feels the cold more than his brother so fortunately I will not worry as much when he is in school knowing he has his lovely new coat, which is surprisingly comfortable.

The coats we had were £28 each, which is reasonable given the quality.  I think I should really get the rest of the uniform sorted out now, as always I have left it to the last moment!  I am only panicking as I have seen so many facebook statues saying that their uniform is already brought and ready.  Given how impressed I was with the coats I think I might get all their school uniform from BHS, it will certainly save time searching for a suitable retailer. 

I am planning on saving money this year and not buying badged uniforms like I normally do from Tesco, plain school uniform is so much cheaper.  It seems silly paying so much just to have the school crest on display and doing so frees up my choice of places to shop.  BHS have certainly caught my attention with the quality of their school coats so that is where I will start my hunt for school uniform.

Please tell me I am not the only one who is not fully prepared for back to school yet?!?

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