Thursday, 28 August 2014

Big Green Smile Review

My boys occasionally disagree with me that it’s shower/bath time, if they are watching a particularly good show before bed, they will put up a fight if I tell them its time to get washed!  Fortunately the arrival of two shampoo products from Big Green Smile helped matters considerably; the novelty of new items to try especially ones looking so appealing had them keen to jump straight in the shower.  The Big Green Smile specialises in natural and organic products guaranteed to make you smile really!  I am certainly more chipper since the boys stopped grumbling about bath time…

The Method Mickey Mouse Shampoo and Body Wash (£5.00) is very useful as it’s a two in one product, so very easy for children to get themselves washed all from one bottle.  The lemonade smell was the biggest incitement for the boys to lather up!  The perfect way to encourage children reluctant to shower, it helps that the product was very gentle so no sore eyes or irritated skin, it’s a natural product without chemical nasties, so children have a very positive experience using this.

The other item was the Green People Organic Children Berry Smoothie Shampoo (£8.50), another lovely addition to the bathroom.  I think I am tempted to pinch the boys shampoos now they have the best smelling ones!  Raspberry, apple and vanilla how can I possibly resist that aroma and most importantly it leaves hair tangle free!  There is nothing worse than dealing with tears whilst you try and get knots out of untidy hair, fortunately this is not much of an issue for my boys with short hair but for little girls with long locks a decent shampoo is essential.

These prices might be more than we normally spend but given the lack of chemicals I think it might be worth the extra spending.  Children’s skin can be quite sensitive and gentle products will cater for their needs better and offer more goodness for their skin.

I am sure I will be back to shop at Big Green Smile soon, especially as we now have a septic tank and have to watch what chemicals make there way into the system!  The bacteria doing their job breaking down waste do not get on well with anything artificial…

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