Sunday, 10 August 2014

Family Camping Weekend Hatton Adventure World

We booked a stay at Hatton Adventure World as part of our #XVAdventure with Subaru.  The family camping weekends come highly recommended by us now we have tried it out.  We were completely new to camping; I have never been in my whole life so it was lovely having a relatively gentle introduction.

We were not just alone in a muddy field; there were lots of lovely staff members and their children to assist who were camping themselves.  They actually went beyond the call of duty and took pity on us when we arrived looking clueless in the rain desperately trying to get our tent up!

Hatton Adventure World had also laid on a full entertainment programme to keep all the children happily occupied, depending on the weekend you book the schedule changes but each one offers unique and wonderful experiences.

There is still another Family Camping Weekend this Friday and the boys wished we were heading there again, if we had not already made plans to go to LolliBop I think we would be sorely tempted!  As it is I think we will definitely go next year, it’s excellent value for £35 per person (£30 if you book early enough!) as you also get two whole days entrance into Hatton Adventure World alongside your pitch and those few special extra’s depending on the planned agenda.

There is obviously a lot of care and attention put into developing these camping weekends.  Setting up the tent can be tricky at best; children get bored and restless and start running amuck with the peg hammer!  But at Hatton Adventure World they had made up a special area with plenty of toys to keep the children out of mischief leaving the parents to concentrate on the important business of tent erecting!

On the day of our arrival the boys enjoyed meeting Snorty and giving him a cuddle.  

Then the boys and other children camping were presented with toasted marshmallows (freshly cooked on the campfire all coated in chocolate and covered in sprinkles), even the parents lucked out and were given them!

The entertainment programme ensured I had two exceptionally happy boys.  We must have been on a run of luck as at the Bingo session we won five games!  The prizes were delightful and very generous.

On the Saturday evening they amended the schedule as the Nature Ranger failed to turn up for the unseen world of bats and moths session.  The staff dealt with this remarkably well and instead my boys had an opportunity to meet all the reptiles and handle them.  Getting close to the snakes and lizards will be a fantastic memory they hold onto for a lifetime.

Ransons Farm Shop was one of our highlights for warm choc au pans for breakfast.  The owner, Raymond is such a warm welcoming man and one of our tent-building saviours.  Becky (another camping host) deserves a special mention too as she was so pleasant with all the children, happy to answer a million questions about animals and have the good grace to keep looking interested!

Hatton Adventure World itself is vast with so much to do, its a good thing you get two full days!

If your wondering whether to give camping a go, heading to somewhere like Hatton Adventure World where you know your children will be entertained and amused gives you the confidence to relax, unwind and enjoy your holiday whatever the weather decides to do.

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