Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Leapfrog Write It With Disney Pixar Review

It is very exciting that the LeapReader activity books have developed to include an opportunity to draw on actual learning paper.  My youngest was surprised seeing his drawings appear on the special paper and quite pleased.  I have found it harder to engage my youngest in learning activities, as he does not have the concentration powers of his older brother, so trying out new interesting ways to capture his interest is always worthwhile.

Fortunately he seems to love his new Write It With Disney Pixar book from Leapfrog, I think seeing all his favourite Disney characters and working through the games with them means he is happy to learn and no longer gets frustrated.  The book has a mixture of reading, writing and drawing activities so he does not get bored as he continues through the book.  Youngest enjoyed introducing me to his new fish, he was quite proud of his attempt.  It’s great he has another means to express himself creatively now thanks to Leapfrog.

I am really impressed with this latest development from Leapfrog because even my eldest at seven could do with practising his writing, his reading is fairly advanced but this book might help him have more rounded skills and catch up in other area’s.  Obviously I give them ample opportunity to get drawing/writing with an assortment of pens and paper but if they are not in the mood I can forget it!  This Disney Pixar book however seems to entice them in with the lovely illustrations, the appealing characters and the fascinating games and challenges.  I want learning to be fun and this book is just that.

As an extra bonus you get an additional pack of 25 learning paper sheets to continue practising you’re drawing and writing, so plenty of chances to develop as an artist.  With an RRP of £19.99 (and you can shop around to get it cheaper!) it offers lots of entertainment, ideal for surviving the last few weeks of the summer holiday.  

When you buy a LeapReader make sure you charge it up first and download all the book materials onto it before introducing it to your child, otherwise they might not be too keen waiting to get stuck into their new activities.  On the plus side though I do like that the LeapReader is rechargeable.  I can never seem to find batteries anymore in our new house, whereas I always seem to know where my laptop is, so can recharge easily through the USB cable.

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