Saturday, 30 August 2014

My thoughts on breastfeeding

I tried as I might but I never managed to master breastfeeding, the first time round I later found out my son had tongue tie which explained the agonising pain whenever I tried to feed him.  The second time round I did not feel brave enough popping out a breast as my jealous little toddler was on the rampage!  He did not adjust well to a new brother in his life… I would love to say things are better now; well maybe they are - marginally!!!

I do feel a bit sad I never experienced successful breastfeeding; I think it’s a wonderful start for your child.  One way you can guarantee they are getting a solid foundation, as it’s a natural food jam-packed with antibodies, perfect for resisting some of those nasty infections going around.  A newborn is so fragile and vulnerable and you feel you would do anything to protect them.

So I am all for women breastfeeding it’s fabulous when you see café’s actively encouraging women to do so.  I do not see it any different as whipping out a baby bottle, it’s all about ensuring a babies needs are met not about putting on a show for the public.  So I am surprised this survey by My Voucher Codes revealed that 21% of people think that a place to eat or drink is not appropriate for breastfeeding.  Given the poor baby needs to eat too, you would think that the % would be heck of a lot less…

A café is an ideal place; there are seats to get comfortable, refreshment for a weary mum and hopefully an opportunity to meet up with other mum’s for some social interaction, a reassuring chat!  Being a new mum is quite an overwhelming experience at times!!! 

Most mums are quite discrete, you can buy shawls to give more privacy, I am sure most mums aren't out to flaunt their breasts, they just want to attend to the most precious thing in their whole world!  Nursing mums should be made to feel welcome.  I am glad though that the survey did find the majority are happy for breastfeeding mums to feed their babies anywhere.  Fortunately with lots of media interest in surveys like these, see the Daily Mail article, mindsets might well change and soon everyone will be happy to accept nursing mums everywhere.

I remember seeing this picture on facebook, although sadly I do not know which café it was as I think it is a wonderful idea and hopefully other café's will follow in their footsteps.

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