Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Romantic Moments

This blog post is my entry into the My Single Friend's Romantic Rendezvous Competition, lately these days romance is hard come by!  Splitting up squabbling boys can take its toil and hubbie and I can barely hear each other over the dim most of the time, so even conversation is a thing of the past!!!  Then when the boys are finally in bed we have no energy left for each other… we just give each other (at best) a weak smile and drag our tired bodies to bed, ready to start all over the next day!!!

That’s not to say romance is completely dead, it’s just dampened down a little by raising kids.  For me just offering to take the boys so I can shower in peace or letting me drink a cup of tea whilst reading some chic lit indulgently tucked up in bed when it all feels too much shows how much he still loves me.  Those acts of kindness mean so much to me and remind me of why I fell head over heels with him all those years ago.

We had quite a whirlwind romance so marriage and children came surprisingly quickly, because of this we did not have a long courtship or time to stare gooey eyed at each other.  We went straight into nappy changes, sleepless nights and mortgage payments with a fast forward button!  Despite this I still have my own romantic rendezvous we used to write each other cheeky love letters, although some of them I had to hide as I think the content was a little risqué!  

We had a dreamy breakaway to Amsterdam with a canal ride in the dark, holding each other’s hands seeing all the sights.  

Now we have little hands to hold, foreheads to kiss and other priorities, but my feelings are still strong and I know my husband is my soul mate.

When he went down on bended knee and asked me to marry him I had butterflies in my tummy, that moment I will always treasure.  We were in a beautiful setting surrounded by glorious countryside, he had already asked my dad’s permission and then out of nowhere I was presented with a beautiful ring.  I could not ask for a better man to help me tackle life as a parent.

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