Sunday, 31 August 2014

#SkylandersSummer Activity Ideas

It was lovely getting this #SkylandersSummer pack at the tail end of the holidays.  My boys are getting a little fed up in each others company, so anything to keep them entertained however briefly is welcomed right now!  Poor mummy is starting to look very frazzled!!!

The pack included a fabulous Skylanders Swap Force towel, a pair of sunglasses and an activity booklet.  My eldest enjoyed working his way through the activities, especially drawing his favourite character Trap Shadow.  

He put lots of thought into the different colours he wanted to use, putting a pen against his actual character figure to ensure a good match.  I should get him to do it with all his figures, he could make a poster of his collection, much like the ones you get when you buy the starter packs but all with his own artwork!  On a rainy day it might be a good time filler that will keep him busy and out of mischief…

The pack also included a summer holiday back to school countdown with some further activity suggestions.  Things like when you’re on the go play Skylanders’ mobile games such as Battlegrounds, Lost Island and Cloud Patrol.  We have taken some pretty long journeys to blogging events lately and I wish I had thought of those games earlier, they may well have made the trip more enjoyable!!!  As it is I have taken to sitting in the back with youngest and eldest has been promoted to sitting in the front of the car with hubbie.  The only thing with this is I miss my heated car seat boo!

Hide and Seek Skylanders style would work well too, we have heaps of figures spanning across the three games.  It would be a fun activity for birthday parties, whoever found the most could win a Skylanders themed prize!  Although I would have to check eldest would be willing to let his beloved Skylanders leave their storage cabinet, he is quite precious about his collection after all!!!

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