Monday, 11 August 2014

Squeezing Sleep In

With the summer holidays being so hectic I am not actually getting much in the way of sleep, the boys run me ragged in the day and then come the evening I start blogging and if I am feeling particularly domestic (which is very rare!), I might put a wash on and do a bit of token cleaning.  It does not help that the boys bedtime seems to have been pushed later and later and what used to be a reasonable 7pm has turned into 9pm+, so I am extremely lucky to make it into bed before midnight with all the extra things I want to juggle whilst they sleep.

I like sleep and I actually miss tucking into bed at a reasonable hour it just never seems to happen anymore.  I have been reading this Feather & Black eBook, which you can fortunately download for free to give me some welcome guidance so I can start getting more quality sleep again.  I know I need to sort out the boys bedtime routine as a priority to get them on track ready for school starting again in a few weeks and I desperately need to create the right bedroom environment for myself. 

At the moment my office is my bedroom as the house is being renovated, so I find it very difficult to switch out of work mode to then nod off.  The laptop sits there waiting for me to type on it and it’s hard to resist refreshing social media a little more than is necessary or I slowly start feeling a little panicked about all my blogging deadlines…

I do some good things to encourage sleep; I only have decaf tea or water of an evening as the last thing I want is to be wide awake and alert at dropping off to sleep time.  Interestingly the effects of caffeine can last up to 24 hours!!! I do not tend to take to long to go to sleep when I finally leave my desk and stumble a few small feet to my bed which is something I guess and probably in part down to my drinking choices.

Bedtime for the boys is not as calm as it used to be as in the new house they now share a bedroom, because this is a relatively new occurrence it does seem to have unsettled them.  Rather than quietly go off separately now they are arguing for longer!  Although I do follow the Feather & Black advice and ensure they have a tidy room before they sleep.  I think there is nothing worse than toys and books everywhere to distract them from the essential business of nodding off.  We also have those all-important black out blinds so the boys do not realise the sun has come up!!!  This morning they managed to stay in bed till 8:15am, which I was quite impressed with, but this could be down to them being exhausted from all the #XVAdventures we have been doing.

Good sleep is vital to cope with work and children, so hopefully with the help of this useful eBook we might all get more of it!

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