Friday, 8 August 2014

The DIY Saga Continues

I love it that the house is starting to take shape, admittedly its quite slow, hubbie and I do not have as much time as we would like to commit to it.  The summer holidays are wearing us out and by the boys bedtime (which seems to have gone a little lax of late!) I have to start my blogging commitments and hubbie tries to switch off!  On goes his laptop to watch some show or other and before we know it, its already time for bed!

That long line of to do’s does not get done and another week rolls by!  So when we do see some progress it’s quite noteworthy and a cause for celebration.  We have officially had the house since April, but in terms getting work done, we probably lost a month along the way getting workman organised.  Now we are waiting for scaffolding to go up so the builders can sort out the chimneys, which we have to do as we have a few leaks!!!  When you start one job you always find heaps more things that need fixing…

We are seeing some progress though, I was thrilled when we bought our VELUX roofblinds and we could stop trying to elaborately drape old curtains over the window to block out the light!  Hubbie seemed to manage putting them in himself as they came with all the fittings so it was cheaper than having someone come and do it for us.  We went for something quite plain as it’s easier to find a similar blind for their other side window then.


After: (I just need to get hubbie to give the wood a lick of paint too!!!)

Add more blinds around the house is another priority, as at the moment we do not have much privacy, although I do not think the sheep around us have cause for complaint, they are too busy chomping on grass to notice me dashing to the bathroom in my knickers!  I would still prefer to have blinds to close just to help finish off the rooms we have started and to make the place more homely.

We have advanced considerably this week as hubbie was off work so he had more time and energy to commit to the project.  Fortunately we now have a proper living room, before we had a make do one that was quite rustic to say the least and also next to our only bathroom.  An en-suite living room is not the way to go I assure you, if you ever have a lapse of judgement and think it might work even temporarily like we did then look at your other options...

You can see the boys are as pleased as me about the new living room arrangements!

We have so many more plans and ideas but sadly the budget being what it is, I think we might have to put it all on hold.  I might get myself a lucky dip on the lottery and hope for good fortune.

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