Saturday, 13 September 2014

Cherishing Every Moment #PowerOfSoft

My boys are already 5 and 7 so it seems a long time ago since they were cuddly newborns in my arms, when I was rocking them to sleep whilst tenderly stroking their faces.  Just spending ages watching them sleep, completely amazed that these precious bundles were mine.

Nowadays I am lucky to grab a cuddle and kiss from eldest, it’s not cool apparently anymore!  All the children of his class at school are turning the same.  Heaven forbid if you try and show affection in the vicinity of his friends!  Thankfully my youngest is still a cuddly bear and is prone to singing “mummy on my mind” instead of “money on my mind”, which is adorable!

But I would love to turn back the clock and squeeze in more cuddles.  I guess you assume that your child will want that time with your forever, you do not realise how quickly they gain independence and start to grow up.  Thankfully eldest still loves his bedtime cuddles so I will have to get my cuddle fix every night instead.  Rather than rush him off to sleep because I am tired by the evening, I will spend longer with him wrapped up in my arms listening to his day.

With both of mine in full time education the days can be a little too quiet.  I miss my constant companions, the background noise and the opportunity to sneak in a cuddle or two throughout the day.  The other day I even considered home educating so I could hang on to them for longer...

Although when they are tiny you crave an uninterrupted sleep of night but try not to wish away any of those days because before you know it your tiny bundles have become big adventurers off to explore the world on there own.  

Fairy have captured this in their video, babies are the softest cuddles you will ever have so cherish every one of them.  All our cuddles were Fairy cuddles because any other detergent products seemed to bother their delicate skin, so I am happy to be involved in the #PowerOfSoft campaign.

I am not ready to be fast forwarded to the future and the boys leaving home part... so I am going to make the most of what we have ahead of us, even being grateful for those tricky teenage years!!!

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