Friday, 12 September 2014

Cutting Costs at Christmas

Its no secret children are expensive; they drain your money like a vampire drains blood!!!  Their favourite saying is “I WANT!” and they seem pre-programmed to like expensive toys, day’s outs and shiny gadgets.  If their friends have it evidently they must have it and heaven forbid you let them watch the adverts on television!!!  Then the list of “mummy can I have?” gets longer and longer… you can just imagine the size of their Christmas lists.

I am trying my best to budget, to buy for Christmas as economically as possible.  I am using my mum’s saying of old “do you think money grows on tree’s!” not that it seems to sink in.  It’s hard when the boys do their puppy dog eyes at me and tell me they love me to the moon and back.  I can say no, but it’s not always easy.  They also pull a fast stunt to get their own way, because they are usually fighting they know if they cuddle up to each other mummy will be happy and might relent...

But I have found a cheaper way to shop.  Children tend to outgrow toys or get fed up of them eventually, they move onto another craze and what they were last into is promptly forgotten and collecting dust in a corner…

Well parents are actually selling these toys on the children’s corner of Exchange and Mart, so you can save a fortune if your children just want something “new” for them you can get a real bargain.  This is especially useful for younger children that have not been ruined by commercials and you still get the final veto on their gifts.

Mine are a little too computer game focused so might not be so impressed with pre-loved toys but this would have saved me a fortunate when they were younger, especially at Christmas.  A keyboard or a shopping till second hand would still have so much playability and entertain a youngster quite happily.  They would not notice whether it came newly packaged or not.  My boys now are far too discerning I might not get away with it.

But I could plan a toy clearout on there instead and recoup some of what I have spent over the years.  I am sure Santa would be pleased with a little help this Christmas.  Otherwise it might be an exceptionally lean year, the elves need materials after all, computer games don’t make themselves…

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