Thursday, 11 September 2014

Getting rid of my belly wobble

With the kids having been off for the summer holidays I have been eating lots of naughty foods, finishing their meals on top of my own and having a little bit too much ice cream, cake and chocolate as I am exposed to it more than normal!  Even our house warming party had a very indulgent sweetie table.

We have also had lots of convenience foods when we have been out and about on the road reviewing all these trips and attractions and our quota of fruit and vegetables has sadly been somewhat lacking!  Now they are back in school I want to tackle my belly wobble and get healthier and leaner.

So starting immediately I will be eating in moderation and trying to curb my sugar cravings.  I have such a sweet tooth, but its mainly driven by a need to feel I am treating myself, I want a sugary treat as I feel I deserve it after a hectic day with the boys.  If I feel hungry I have to learn to reach for a healthy snack and I should reward myself in other ways, a few pages of a new book or a decent film off Netflix instead of it being all about the cake.  I need to have a clearout of our food cupboards as temptation is too close to me at the moment, all junk food should be hidden out of sight or not brought into the house in the first place!  I will be getting some guidance from this no crave article to slowly wean me off the sweet stuff.

I think I get thirsty and often mistake it for hunger too; I shall have to get enough glasses of water down me during the day.  I often forget to look after myself properly as I am so busy making sure the boys are okay (or splitting up sibling arguments!).  I have heard getting enough sleep can also stop the cravings; I tend to have a slump and reach for the naughty treats to give myself a quick sugar fix, so instead I should be having earlier nights.  Although this is easier said than done with the boys bedtime getting later and later.

To compliment my new diet I should also look at my approach to fitness, I do walk a fair bit taking the boys to and from school but I could do with toning up whilst I am at it.  My belly is not what it used to be, I miss looking trimmer and feel I will never regain my pre-kids figure.  I think sometimes I lack the motivation, as it’s easier to carry on as I am when your tired and run down and overlook the importance of being healthy.

If all else fails I will look at other means to get the body I want!  I would not be beyond trying diet drops if it came to it, I read this Pure Slim 1000 review by and I so would like to wear a bikini one more time before I turn forty!  I would not want to use them on there own but part of my healthier lifestyle I want to follow.  My friend and I were talking today and we are going to do weekly hikes now her youngest will be moving into full time school, so long strenuous walks, a well balanced diet and these drops might see my hitting the beach in something more glamorous than my rolled up jeans!  If these drops could suppress my appetite it would be a good thing as I think I have been having hearty man sized portions for too long and I really want to improve my eating habits.  I am probably put stress on my stomach and facing potential diabetes if I do not sort it out now, another friend has just had her stomach stapled and I would not want to go to quite that drastic an action!

All the junk food I am eating is draining my energy and I am completely worn out, fortunately this link to a clinical study of the main ingredient of Pureslim 1000 which shows only the ingredients ability to increase energy sounds like a welcome plus.  I am so very tired all the time if the drops could give me the boost I need to face the challenges of life as a parent and actually start the fitness workout I keep planning to do then that would be perfect!

How do you manage to stay trim?

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