Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How To Throw The Perfect Surprise Birthday Party

There’s nothing more exciting than a surprise birthday bash. The lights are dimmed, there’s two people giggling behind a settee and your friend ‘Mad’ Mike has already drank too much and is threatening to blow the whole thing. Surprise parties take lots of planning, organisational skills and the ability to second-guess your guest of honour. Here is a brief guide to throwing the perfect surprise birthday party.

Ensure your friend/loved one is a fan of surprises

This is something you cannot gauge by simply asking the question, you will know from previous experience. If it is hard to judge you could hold a ‘soft surprise party’ which means doing all the organisation and then letting the subject know on the day of the event or the day before. That way they have some time to prepare themselves.

Top Tip: Most people who hate surprises constantly remind people that they hate surprises – it’s usually not a bluff.

Plan ahead

To ensure your party is a success you’ll need a decent venue and plenty of people, these both demand forward planning. Pick a date well in advance and make sure lots of friends and family, as well as the guest of honour of course, has it in their diaries.

Top Tip: Tell your friend you have arranged a special dinner or theatre trip – if you can’t hide your excitement you can pretend it’s because you’re looking forward to the meal/play.

The Perfect Venue

To evade suspicion plan for the party to take place in one of your friend’s regular haunts. This could be a local bar or the home of a friend, this way it could figure in your false plans.

Top Tip: Book the venue far in advance to avoid disappointment.

Remember ‘it’s a normal birthday’

Act naturally: buy a card and present as you would on a normal birthday. Order birthday flowers next day delivery from a florist such as Flowers Same Day early in the day so they quickly think that is your treat done and dusted.

Top Tip: Have limited contact with your subject leading up to the party, that way there is less chance of blowing it.

Get Some Partners in Crime

You will need support, round up some friends to decorate the venue and share the burden of the organisation.

Top Tip: Choose your party committee wisely, you want people who are organised but are not too excitable and liable to give the game away.

Keep Guests Informed

The last thing you want is more and more people dropping out as it gets nearer to the occasion. Keep invitees in the loop with times, themes and the cover up story.

Top Tip: Ensure everyone is ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ by filling your guests in with details of the cover story. Perhaps set up a Private Facebook group.

The Big Night

It’s up to you whether you want the jumping-out-from-behind-furniture type of surprise or simply a loud cheer when the subject enters the room. The important thing is to keep your composure up until the surprise has been delivered.

Top Tip: Leave plenty of time between the arrival of guests and the birthday girl/boy.

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