Thursday, 4 September 2014

Knowing where your children are

Children are a source of constant worry, when you read a newspaper the world can sound like a dangerous place.  But continuously fretting about your children does not necessarily do them any good.  I want to have the courage to let my children out of my sight when they get older but I know I will find if difficult.  I read online that constantly doing everything for your child and being overprotective can make them a target for bullying so I know I have to learn to let them experience life themselves.  They need to make their own decisions and to do that they need adequate space to think things through.

I get the idea behind it of course but it does not mean I would find it easy to apply.  Knowing exactly where my children are would probably make it more acceptable for me to let them enjoy that freedom and they then could learn to handle situations that arise without me there.  I could give them the illusion of independence but still monitor where they are at any given time, using the app by Folr. 

Folr is a location-tracking application so provided you are happy to let your children have a mobile phone then you can always know the whereabouts of your children.  My precious boys could then benefit from interacting with their friends without seeing me hovering in the background waiting to jump in if I feel a conflict starting!  It does sound like the ideal solution for a parent like me.  I would finally have the confidence to let them head off to the park or football field with friends because I can always track their position to ensure they stayed where we agreed.

How the app looks on your phone:

I would not need to sneak about suspiciously checking if my boys are where they should be, ducking behind a wall if they thought mummy was following them again.  I do love how technology can help me make those tentative first steps to letting my boys be self-reliant when the time comes.  They know where I am if they need anything (probably cash!) but at the same time I do not want to keep them isolated at home with me forever wrapped up in cotton wool.  I know in the future they will want to spend time with their friends and be teenagers, complete with mood swings and all the trimmings without an un-cool mummy following them around everywhere…

Folr works for our family on so many levels!  I could definitely do with it on my dad’s phone too, he is seventy and always wondering off to help here and there around town and my poor mum can never get hold of him and panics about his well being, with Folr she could locate him and rest assured.  I think Folr could considerably reduce stress levels in both our households and its completely free to download (from iTunes and Play Store), so no excuse not to keep an eye on the people who mean the most to you.

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