Saturday, 20 September 2014

Planning Cocktails With The Girls

Certain occasions went uncelebrated in my life, not from choice it was just the way things turned out.  I never had a hen night but then again I was already pregnant and had other priorities.  I still quite fancy having a belated celebration though, talking to my friends it seems a shame not to indulge even if it’s a few years later than planned!  Plus the good thing is I can drink now and let my hair down!  If I had done it all that time ago, I would have been watching my friends hitting the shots and sipping sedately on a fruit juice.

I love the sound of a cocktail making master class, as I was a big fan of Sex and the City episodes and they were all about drinking cocktails.  I think they are quite sophisticated so learning how to do them properly would be a real treat!  Last time I tried to do cocktails I did not secure the shaker properly and lost about half my drink to the floor.  So I need a cocktail themed party more than most, some handsome bartenders would please the girls no end either.

We can parade around like Carrie Bradshaw and drink our own made cosmopolitans before hitting the town to continue the party.  I am not sure I am all about the hen night merchandise, the rude straws, balloons and banners; I like the idea of celebrating in style.  An education in cocktail making would be more enjoyable for me.  Then I can take the skills away from the event and keep using them at every opportunity.  My parties will be the best parties now I can finally use the shaker properly and make a cocktail to be proud of.

Cocktails are so refreshing and tasty; they make a night out that much more interesting.  I have a box of cocktail umbrellas at home already so I just need the ability to mix the drinks so I can put them to good use.

I was reading an article in the Independent about making a hen party unforgettable and one of the suggestions was a cocktail party, so least you know your party will be remembered by everyone!  I am open to t-shirts with nicknames too, as long as they weren't too saucy!!!

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