Thursday, 11 September 2014

Revamping my wardrobe

My clothes are looking a little tired and uninspiring.  My capsule wardrobe has nothing in it that leaps out begging to be worn.  My vest tops and jeans formula is wearing a little thin.  I would love to add some variety to my outfit choices; the mums on the school run are quite polished and sophisticated.  My scuffed trainers and hoodies that usually clash with my vest choice hardly inspire confidence…

I was having a nose on the Esprit website and I feel a fashion revolution coming on.  I will drag my mini wardrobe back on trend.  I want some chunky knitwear ready for a cosy winter (especially in this new big house I dread to think what the heating bill will look like!!!).  Grey is looking a popular choice for autumn (and no not grey washed out like most of my underwear!), just check out this fabulous striped jumper.  I NEED it!

I want to look stylish but I do not want it to cost the earth, I have other priorities it seems and fashion always ends up at the back of a (very) long queue.  But I want to be more feminine; I keep wondering when I will have my chance to finally dabble with fashion.  I think a few signature pieces can completely transform a look and fortunately Esprit has an affordable range to pick from.  I want well fitting clothes that will suit lots of different occasions. 

Jeans can be dressed up or down quite easily.  My problem is I keep dressing them down!  So with a new decent pair I might be encouraged to find a nicer top to go with them.

Then I would switch my trainers for some boots!  I think my mum would be pleased I am finally taking more of an interest in fashion...  I was always the girl that hated shopping; I think she was hoping for a daughter that would shop till she dropped, my mum certainly has the stamina for it. But I was more interested in which cafe we would be eating lunch!

Then I would ditch my vests!  Here is one lovely alternative, the lace detailing is pretty and the red bold! Although I do think I am preferring the grey this season.  So I might have to tone it down and keep on trend...

Part of me craves a few gorgeous outfits for my friends to oooh and aaaah over!  Or at the very least stop me standing out like a sore thumb at the school gate...  For one I can't get away with wearing vests all winter, welsh winters are very bitter!

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  1. I really do love all of the clothes that you've chosen. The boots are gorgeous too. I just wish I had the models body to go with them..... ;)