Thursday, 25 September 2014

Smiggle Review

I was sent the most fantastic delivery of stationary products I have ever seen.  Smiggle products are cute and very appealing.  I think they would make gorgeous little stocking fillers this Christmas for children of any age.

I remember growing up and being a fan of novelty shaped erasers, it certainly gets your pencil case noticed at school!  Although I was never lucky enough to be spoilt for choice like you are with Smiggle.

My eldest made the transition to juniors this year at primary school and it was a big change, the focus is naturally more structured and less about free play.  He feels some of the fun has gone from school, but there are a few benefits in his eyes, he likes that he can bring his own pencil case into lessons this year.  So for children reluctant to head back to school cramming their cases with quirky Smiggle products is bound to get a smile out of them!

This term I have noticed a few tears as children make the adjustment to being back in school, mine have grumbled but not cried yet.  Going back to school can be made more exciting when its all about the colourful stationary.  For me it was one of the highlights, going shopping with my mum picking out a new folder, school bag and all the new contents.

My two are gradually getting more enthusiastic about football having started regular lessons, so the Soccer Balls Easer Box (£4) is a must for any budding football fans.  Even when you’re doing the most dry and difficult of subjects at school its hard not to feel cheerier when you spot a novel easer to lighten the day!

Stickers can liven up school exercise books and make children more pleased about learning generally!  Decorating exercise books is another of my fondest school memories although I never had fancy stickers like you can find at Smiggle I usually tended to make do with a declaration of love for some poor fellow pupil.

The prices seem reasonable especially given they are that bit more unique and eye catching than your regular stationary.  The only problem I have is that now I have stumbled on Smiggle I might have developed a stationary addiction, starting with this fabulous stapler.

Heaven help hubbie when we finally equip our office but Smiggle might actually inspire me to do the boring jobs (like tax returns) surrounded by their creative products I will feel happier in the workplace.

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  1. Ahh I saw the Smiggle stores in Australia over the summer and saw they’re opening over here - alas not near us though - but good to know it’s happening. I loved their stores - had to stop myself spending too much!!