Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Surviving Train Journeys with Children

Train journeys with little ones can be a bit fraught to say the least!  You want your children to sit nicely for the sake of the other travellers who might not appreciate a child wondering around the train, having a nose at what they are doing or trying to start a conversation with them!

On one particularly awful journey my youngest sat under the table having a complete meltdown for well over an hour, as you can imagine people moved, eyebrows were raised, my parenting methods were obviously being brought under question in hushed whispers… I felt I was losing my sanity!  So since then if I have a train journey I do even more to prepare than usual, I stock up on snacks and craft materials and anything else I think might help us pass the time together.

Working alongside Hull Trains has brought back all those memories of train travel with children.  Of course it was not all bad, I do have some lovely pictures of the fun we had together, but I was always a teeny bit nervous about the next tantrum and how I would deal with it in such a public space.  I am always eager to see what else we can do to distract them.

Before we had our car we had a fair few long distance train journeys, with hours to fill.  I had to break the journey up into manageable slots, covering a range of activities so they did not get fed up.

We had playdoh for some modelling (here he is with his new worm playdoh friend!), children’s magazines for learning activities and colouring and plenty of snacks to keep their hands busy and mouth’s so full of food they could not shout or scream as loudly!

Although I have lots of my own ideas for keeping my boys occupied I am always keen to find more.  Hull Trains have a useful page of railway games to help you survive your next trip away!  One minute of words sounds ideal as its quite educational getting them to write words from a certain letter of the alphabet in the timeframe, it might help my eldest with his spelling in the process.

I like that their games require no extra items (aside from some paper and a pen or a few coins) as often my package of entertainment activities made our luggage get considerably heavier and that’s the last thing you need when your already juggling two lively boys, although how fab does he look in his crown!

If you keep your children busy, boredom will not set in and hopefully they will not look for mischief.  Then us parents can hopefully arrive at our destination calm instead of frazzled…

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