Monday, 13 October 2014

Autumn LEGO Blogger Delivery

My boys were as happy as always seeing the next LEGO delivery arrive, as they have got older they are playing more and more with their LEGO sets.  They enjoy the initial build project but then if that happens to get destroyed (the puppy likes chewing on LEGO at the moment, naughty puppy!!!) then they are just as happy to build freely without the instructions and enjoy a creation of their own imaginations.

The pair of them made a dock the other day with boats and a group of LEGO figures huddling around together dealing with some commotion!!!  LEGO is the one toy both my boys seem to actually enjoy working together on and can be left to play together quite happily.  I think having so many base plates and bricks helps, plenty for them both to build something quite impressive without worrying the other is pinching the best pieces…

In this latest delivery again Hero Factory caught my eldest son’s attention.  

He loves building up his army of these figures.  He had a friend over and he too was drawn into the world of Hero Factory.  It’s quite a thrilling place to be, but you need your wits about you the beasts keep evolving and getting more dangerous but fortunately the good guys have helpful weapons to try and take them down!!!  With sharp claws and a clamping jaw the Tunneler Beast looked very menacing but Surge was fast footed and quick to fire his weapon in time!  

You can battle long and hard with a few packs of HERO Factory figures.  I see these packs as a wonderful choice for stocking fillers this Christmas.  If your children get up at the crack of dawn encourage them to build any LEGO whilst you have an extended nap!

Youngest who is five enjoyed making the LEGO CITY Monster Truck set (60055) the most, he improvised with a ramp after to send it down to do some stunts of its own.  

LEGO vehicles are great for extended playability, when your young you can never seem to have enough cars and trucks to whiz around and explore the world.  Although often my two make some much needed improvements, one of their vehicles yesterday had a coffee machine no less!  It’s great they think of everything, as an exhausted parent I would need a vehicle with a source of caffeine on tap!

Christmas can be expensive but with LEGO you can buy even the smallest sets and have very happy children.  Its not each little piece that matters it’s the possibilities they can create together!

You can find out more about all the sets on the LEGO website.


  1. We love lego. 6 yr old boy has boxes and boxes full (in fact his pile of instructions nearly fills a toy box drawer now!!! lol) even my 2 yr old girl loves lego.... she has her own princess set. we have 2 of the monster trucks.... its great x

  2. Mmmmm lego...can't wait til my little one's old enough to play with this kind of stuff!