Monday, 20 October 2014

Every Girl Loves the Sales

I always love a bargain, feeling like I have bought something at a good price and not wasted any of the family finances unnecessarily.  Times are tough so I am always shopping around to get the top deals.  I think Love Sales is a fantastic concept, a site dedicated to highlight the best sales offers across big brands all on one easy to navigate place.

It’s getting closer to Christmas so you can make some decent savings if you only choose products with reductions and in the process look very generous with presents that appear much more expensive than you actually paid!  When you register you can add different brands to your account so you get notified when they have sales, so you can stay one step ahead of the crowd and stock up before they sell out.

Normally we do not bother getting each other Christmas presents (just a token gift from the boys), but at prices like this it’s hard not to get carried away!  I think my shopping with begin in earnest now.

Here are my favourite deals at the moment:

Nerf Rhino Strike Blaster available from Argos, now £59.99 reduced from £99.99!  A fabulous main Christmas present for my boys I think.

I like this shirt from the House of Fraser section priced at £45.00 (was £65.00) for hubbie.  I know he would love to extend his wardrobe; his is as sparse as mine so when we have the rare night out we always have to wear the same old tops!

But the one item catching my eye the most is these gorgeous shoes!  I wonder if I can work on hubbie and convince him this year to indulge me.  They are cheaper than normal at £62 anyway (usually £125.00)!  

We are big Amazon shoppers its just so convenient living here in the sticks away from the shops, so I will be keeping a keen eye on their page as it lists the dates of all the forthcoming Amazon sales.  Hubbie might just need to hide his credit card... poor man!

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