Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween with Snapfish

Snapfish have created a range of Halloween printable activity sheets so you can get prepared for the ghoulish celebrations.  The days have whizzed by and I cannot believe Halloween is THIS Friday!  Eeek, luckily you can soon be ready fire up your printer and you have cupcake decorations and all the signs and posters you need to style your house for possible parties!  We are lucky this year and a friend is hosting one, but if I was up to my usual tricks least I know where to head to next time. 

You could have the best-dressed house with all the lanterns, window decorations and hanging monster decorations – it’s nice seeing the houses that have made lots of effort.  So it would be good to contribute to that Halloween feeling in the community with the help of Snapfish.

Snapfish also kindly sent me a voucher code to review their site.  I settled for another canvas as I am a bit of a collector of these things!  I must own 9 of them!  I think I should be labelled as a canvas connoisseur surely!  I was pleased with my canvas anyway the colours were very crisp and the canvas looked great for the price.  Canvas prints make beautiful gifts for Christmas, nothing like smiling happy children on your walls to make you appreciate them all the more.  I could have chosen a Halloween picture but the one I went with in the end brings back fond memories of my two boys playing happily together in a ball pit at home.

Party organisation may be in the hand of my host but I can still use some of the other ideas.  I tend to let the boys draw their own pumpkin faces and then hubbie cuts them out, but if you want some suggestions that look pretty impressive Snapfish have a cat, owl, raven, flames and horns templates you can use.  It’s as easy as (pumpkin) pie to trace around a template.

With it being half term and spirits lively I think I might print off the colouring sheets so they can have a calm activity tomorrow, which will help build up ready for Halloween itself the following day.

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