Monday, 20 October 2014

House of Fraser for Autumn Warmth

I was pleased to review a few items from House of Fraser to style my boys for their autumn activities.  I want them wrapped up warm ready for the fireworks displays in town.  They have a great sale at the moment so your money does stretch considerably further.  The items were a lovely quality and my boys were quite keen to get reviewing clothing for a change and did not mind me badgering them for photo’s!

I was sent a transformers Benetton t-shirt for £7.63 reduced from £15.90, it’s a lovely colour and design.  It is limited stock now, which is no surprise at that price.  Transformers are a popular choice at the moment with children enjoying the films and character toys.  I like that this t-shirt looks stylish but still appeals to eldest.  The colour is quite autumnal too, it works well at this time of year.

My eldest is not always keen to wear a coat these days but I can get him to wear hoodies no problem.  This navy one from Quiksilver was £22.50 down from £45.00 and felt lovely so soft and comfortable.  Plenty of space if I need to have him tucked in an extra layer for warmth too (we haven't cracked out the vests yet but I am sure we will soon!).

Finally I had another item from Benetton for my youngest.  I thought the colours worked well, I really liked the grey.  It's nice having a more muted selection of clothing for them as many of their tops are vivid bright colours that can be a little over the top at times!

So the pair of them are all sorted to look fashionable for bonfire night!  I think I will be back to shop at House of Fraser again soon especially during sale times to see what other bargains I can uncover.  

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