Saturday, 4 October 2014

Kids Pass For Affordable Adventures

We love days out; my boys are bundles of sheer energy and need to be kept active.  Staying at home I get cabin fever, I want something to distract and occupy them, so naturally we are always off to various attractions to pass the time.  The only problem is this can work out quite expensive; tickets for the big theme parks can soon add up. 

On top of this occasionally we are simply stuck for inspiration as to what we can do.  I want the boys to experience lots of variety and get to see new and interesting locations.  Otherwise we would probably keep heading back to the same place out of habit (and budget restrictions!).

Fortunately I stumbled upon the Kids Pass, which is a really useful resource to search for days out.  I signed up to take advantage of the member offers, anything to make a little saving.  Plus membership was quick and easy to do and most importantly free!  I have to be more economical right now so I can pay off my builder before he pulls cross faces at me!  But I still want the boys to benefit from visiting various places, whilst we watch our pennies.

The discounts vary from complimentary sessions, to 2 for 1 offers and kids going free, so well worth a visit to see what money you can save before you head off somewhere.  Savings mean you might be more eager to try out a new activity rather than spend lots and find out your children are not so keen. 

I do like the concept of Kids Pass its an easy way to find all the discounts in one place.  It’s also handy you can search by area so if you are unfamiliar of the attractions in a location you are holidaying in its easy just to browse on the website and see if there is anything suitable for your family there.  It’s great seeing a discount on one of our favourite attractions, we always enjoy heading to Greenwood Forest Park but will no doubt like it that bit more for getting in slightly cheaper!

You can keep track of all the deals out their through the website like I mentioned and by keeping an eye on their facebook and twitter pages.  I noticed a giveaway being launched on their facebook page on Monday for theme park tickets, so well worth a like!

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