Sunday, 26 October 2014

Muddy Puddles Review

We are quite an outdoor family, we like getting out in the fresh air and I need my children in appropriate clothing to enjoy it!  So I was more than happy for youngest to review this rather fabulous padded jacket from Muddy Puddles.  You can certainly have more fun if you’re dressed for the weather and the website actually encourage you to get out exploring all year round, so you know their products are well suited for all conditions!

The jacket costs £25.60 (currently reduced from £32.00) so it’s a great buy for a quality product, that is both well made and attractive looking.  I think testament to the quality is the fact Muddy Puddles actively encourages you to pass on their jackets to someone smaller when you have finished with them.  So even with all our adventures the jacket will keep looking its best for the next little one to enjoy.

We usually only buy jackets with a hood but this version does look smarter somehow.  Although fortunately you can in corporate this item into one of the explorer jackets for greater warmth and comfort if you wanted, it zips into place quite easily according to the website.

The jacket was very comfortable to wear, ideal for long winter walks, as it was cosy but also quite lightweight.  The jacket is conveniently machine washable (at 30 degrees) so you can soon return to looking fabulous even after the most muddy of adventures.

I love the great autumn colour; the burnt orange is very stylish and works well.  Youngest looked very dapper in his new jacket.  This is my first experience of Muddy Puddles and I found it very positive.  I am actually thinking it might be the best place to buy the boys wellies, our local shop always has a boring selection but the ones on the Muddy Puddles website are bright and colourful, with appealing designs.  With 20% off at the moment they are also very affordable!

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