Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Super Star Kitchen for my little Super Stars

I might have thought at 5 and 7 the excitement of a play kitchen might have waned slightly for my two boys, well I could not have been more wrong!  They have been enjoying this gorgeous Super Star Play Kitchen from Great Little Trading Co. and return to it daily!  They have been “cooking” up a storm, its lovely listening to them play, using their imagination to make me “dinner” and working alongside each other co-operatively!  One in the sink doing dishes another putting a quick wash on to make sure the tea towel they pinched from the actual kitchen is clean and ready for its next use.

I think its teaching them some useful practical skills from when they are bigger hopefully they will be more enthusiastic to cook in real life and help around the house!  They like to make sure the shelves are tidy; once you finish the last morsel of play food it’s promptly whipped away from you so the plate can be “washed”.  So hopefully they will have a better attitude to housework than I do!!!

Just incase you wondered dinner was a "generous" serving of chicken, chips and pies, followed by a muffin for pudding!  They do spoil me.

Great Little Trading Co. has a wonderful range of accessories to compliment the attractive kitchen.  It’s useful how on the website it shows you what else you might like when your browsing.  That’s how I spotted the Real Enamel Cooking Set (£22); again this looks durable and realistic.  If you do not want your child to keep raiding your actual kitchen it might be worth adding a few extras to your order to help them get the best out of playing with the kitchen.

The kitchen is so well made, hubbie spent a considerable while building it but I think he dragged out the process so he could sneakily watch CSI whilst he tinkered away!!!  It is a quality product; you can tell from all the attention to the little details, nothing has been spared to create a beautiful but very functional play kitchen.  Your child has plenty to keep their interest, a microwave, a washing machine, a fridge, sink, a hob for cooking and cupboards.  They can adjust dials, change the time and become absorbed in a world of make believe!

It is currently priced at £158 but as a main Christmas present this would delight children and last for years!  When the boys were smaller they had a plastic kitchen but you cannot beat the strength and durability of a proper wooden toy.

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