Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cherry Tree Farm Review

I was quite pleased to be sent a selection of Cherry Tree Farm packed cooked meat products.  They arrived in time for half term so it was useful having some quick and convenient sandwich fillers to feed my boys who are ALWAYS complaining they are hungry!  The range is quite comprehensive and flavoursome so hubbie was equally happy to join in the tasting sessions.  He had his eye on the Tikka Chicken Chunks most of all!

There are seven products all together, Hickory Smoked Turkey, Roast Chicken Breast, Roast Chicken Chunks, Roast Turkey Breast, Wafer Thin American Fried Chicken, Wafer Thin Turkey Ham and of course the Tikka Chicken Chunks I already mentioned.  The diversity brings a lot of scope to creating different and interesting meals, so you’re less inclined to be uninspired come dinnertime!

Being ready sliced and ready cooked your children do not have to wait long to have a delicious meal.  If I am honest I am not very talented in the kitchen so packs like these are especially handy to add to wraps, sandwiches and jacket potatoes to bring a bit of variety to our meals.

The products are very versatile and a great component for lots of tasty meals.  The company have come up with some useful recipe suggestions that are ready in 7 short minutes!  Parents are always time poor, juggling a million different things so having to commit less time to cooking frees up more quality time as a family.  When your children come home from school you can talk about there day knowing you can rustle up something to eat very quickly when the I’m hungry complaints start in earnest…

I like that they are an affordable option to feed your family the packs vary from £1 to £2 each.  It normally can be very expensive keeping your children topped up with snacks and meals, but Cherry Tree Farm have really helped come up with a suitably priced solution with these products.

You can find these products nationwide at Co-op.

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  1. These sound so tasty! I'm going to have to look out for these x