Sunday, 16 November 2014

Enjoying your retirement

As we get older we can still live life to the full we might just need to make little adjustments here and there.  My mum has a fuller life now than she ever did when she had my brother and I as young children. She has developed a keen interest in card making, knitting and sewing and enjoys going to the Women’s Institute to see all her friends.  I hope I have a fraction as good a social life when I get older as my mum does now.  My mum is also a member of The University of the Third Age, they have various clubs from reading, discussion groups, table tennis and fine dining, so she is constantly busy off to one venue or another.

The Women’s Institute is where it’s at, lots of interesting talks and trips away, I even accompanied them bowling once!  I am actually a little envious of the close bond all the members have, shared interests and common ground.  Plus they do seem to have a fair bit of cake on offer…  Membership is £36 for the year, once a month when they meet my mum pays an additional £1 for a cup of tea and raffle ticket!  Cheaper than a night out with my friends! 

But overall my mum’s socialising comes at a cost, lots of coffee dates, shopping trips, restocking of craft materials and tickets to the theatre add up.  Although it’s about time she spent money on herself, as children it was all about our activities and interests now my mum can finally return to what appeals to her.  As she gets older she might need to budget more but it’s surprising how affordable certain modifications are.  Looking at this infographic stairlifts costs are reassuringly manageable, the running costs are minimal only £7.26 a year! 

stairlift prices
Stannah are a British family run business based in England, making lifts of all types since 1867 and stairlifts from 1975.

All those times up and down the stairs in a comfortable chair equates to only a mile in a London black cab!

My mum is not quite at the stage of a stairlift if she is wobbly on her feet it is more likely down to a sneaky glass of wine, but it’s always handy knowing that having one won’t break the bank.  Most people won’t miss £7.26 to run it not over a whole year anyway, meaning whatever hobbies they follow they can keep enjoying.

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