Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Gift Plans for Christmas

I have starting thinking about what gifts to get my family.  My dad was a tricky customer and I used to stick to liquorice allsorts without fail, but I have since seen how much he loves real ales so always make a point of buying him a beer gift.  But even that might get a little stale if I do not refresh the theme now and then.  I was looking on Hawkin’s Bazaar and I could get him more novelty items to compliment his gift!  I think the giant beer glass or brew it yourself ale kit would please my dad no end!  

I will leave the ultimate beer bong and strobing beer glass for the students, although my brother would no doubt find use for them!!!  I buy the beer itself from Beer Hawk, so my dad gets to try a few new beers every Christmas.

For my mum I am making up a wicker hamper filled with festive edible treats, wine, chocolate, Christmas pudding, it looks amazing!  It’s easy enough to make up your own; you can get hamper tips off the Internet.  If your lucky you can even find the wicker baskets at charity shops and then up cycle them with some coloured paper and sequins.  I have seen some lovely items to include from this gifts section for women, like the magic candles and mini massagers.

For the boys there are lots of fabulous stocking fillers that will appeal to them and amuse them in the early hours of Christmas morning.  If you normally find it hard picking out suitable contents for stockings then I think the range of stocking fillers at Hawkins will have you feeling inspired and all very affordable.  I enjoy finding the contents for Christmas stockings, I really love seeing their surprised and happy faces come Christmas morning.  I think the deer pooper is very funny and given my two are obsessed with potty talk I am sure they would be thoroughly entertained with these deer pellets (chewy jelly beans!).

My hubbie likes his gadgets so I was doing a little research it would be nice to actually get him a present this year, we tend to focus our finances on the boys and family and leave nothing for each other.  The top gadgets for 2014 definitely give me some ideas although a fair few of them are out of my price range!  My hubbie is keen on retro novelty gifts so instead I will probably get him a token gift just so he has something to open at Christmas.

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